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DeHaanBusse LLP is focused on long-term (permanent) disability law including Individual Disability Insurance Policies, Employer Sponsored Benefit (ERISA) Plans, and the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS). In addition, DeHaanBusse LLP assists Military Veterans during the trying circumstances of claiming and attaining disability benefits owed to them as a result of their dedicated service to this country.

Our practice is based upon one simple premise: individuals have the right to receive what they have paid for and what they have been promised according to the law.

We focus on and believe that the safety nets (long-term, permanent disability benefits) our clients have worked long and hard to provide for themselves and their families should be there when they need them. Unfortunately, more and more that is not the case. We have seen some decisions that have resulted in the near financial collapse of many individuals and their families.

In the event of a physical or mental illness or a debilitating injury that prevents someone from working in his or her chosen profession or occupation, that person has a legal and/or contractual right to receive long-term (permanent) disability benefits. The sad irony is that all too often, people are not even aware of all the long-term (permanent) disability benefits they have available to them.

The firm also focuses on Residential Real Estate and Wills & Estates, and is committed to offering our clients thoughtful advice on these issues crucial to their own and their families’ interests. For home buyers, our attorneys review the contract, review the mortgage and mortgage commitment, confirm there are no liens against the property, prepare and file all legal documents, arrange title insurance, and provide representation at closing. For home sellers, our attorneys generate the real estate contract, review the title and clearance of mortgage lien, prepare the deed, transfer security deposits, and provide representation at closing.

Our partners and associates were formerly with Binder and Binder, P.C.  DeHaanBusse LLP seeks to continue the legacy of helping hard working Americans obtain their long-term (permanent) disability benefits during some of the most difficult times in their lives.

Our attorneys have litigated long-term (permanent) disability benefits cases against many of the largest insurance companies in the disability field including: Aflac, Unum Provident Corporation and its subsidiaries; Metropolitan Life Insurance Company; New York Life Insurance Company; Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States; First Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company; Hartford Life Insurance Company; Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America; Guardian Life Insurance Company of America; Sun Life Insurance & Annuity Company of New York; Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company; Aetna Life Insurance Company; and Life Insurance Company of North America, among many others.

We are available to you for a free legal consultation. Contact us today.

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    QUESTION: Can I change my retirement status to disability retirement?

    ANSWER: Yes, but you must have become disabled while working for the federal government. Both you and your employer will be required to submit evidence to support this. Additionally, you both will be required to prove that your disability impaired your ability to work effectively in our position, and you must not have turned down reassignment in the same commuting area at the same pay grade, tenure or pay level.

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